West Coast Discovery Voyage 2017 @ One and All Office
Sep 24 – Sep 29 all-day


Here is the opportunity to join this 6 Day voyage to be part of the ship’s 30th year of service to the community! This voyage will deliver you to the doorstep of the “Oyster Capital of Australia”, Ceduna. We will set sail across the Gulf, navigating the local coastline, passing features such as Althorpe Island, Wedge Island, the foot of Eyre Peninsular and the many lighthouses that dot our coast. As we sail the “locals” come out to play. The seals, dolphins and sea birds are never far away to watch and follow our moves. The wildlife take every opportunity to give us a show of their nimble moves above or below the waterline.

On this great adventure we can sail to the remote islands off the West Coast like St Francis or Pearson Islands. After the coastal hopping we arrive in time for the long weekend festival – The Ceduna Oysterfest!

While on board you will see the workings of this great ship, and can join in the activities. No sailing experience is necessary as we will teach the “ropes”. These voyages are designed for the adventurer at heart! There are numerous opportunities to participate in different aspects of the sailing life. To keep the vessel sailing, each person joins a watch (teams). The Watch Leaders and crewmembers will guide with the following:

  •   Helming (steering) the vessel
  •   Setting the sails and adjusting them by hauling on ropes
  •   Standing watch (looking out for other ships)
  •   Climb the masts and bow nets
  •   Navigation and course setting

STV One & All is a true hands-on vessel. We invite all passengers to join in the experience of this remarkable ship. While we have plenty of crew to operate the ship, there is no expectation or pressure to do any of the above activities. Alternately, if activities are not your desire, sit back and relax as the water flows past and the birds soar high above the masts. If you are 18+ years, young at heart seeking an adventure here is the chance to change your life forever by exploring our coast from the deck of our tall ship – STV One and All.

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Travel options from Ceduna can be by

Rex Airlines

Premiere Stateliner Coaches

Looking to stay on in Ceduna or travel on and need information? Contact the friendly team at Ceduna Visitor Centre

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58 Poynton St, Ceduna, SA, 5690
Mob: 0428 917 217
Ph: (08) 8625 3343


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