15/04/2018 – 19/04/2018 all-day
McLaren Wharf
Port Adelaide SA 5015
0432 495 603

“…..Imagine being at the wheel of a tall ship, under a night sky, the ship surging over the waves and wind in the sails. Join the crew in the workings of STV One and All, keeping watches at sea, handling sails and much more. No sailing experience is necessary, as we will teach you the “ropes”.

Join the adventure of a life time! Here is the chance to climb new heights, push your limits and gain the rewards in the challenges mastered. A voyage to create new friendships and best of all – fun, fun, fun!”

Calling all 15- 19 years, this adventure is a 5 day voyage, 15 – 19 April 2018, during the school break.

To keep the vessel manned 24 hours a day you will be divided into watches (teams). Your Watch Leader and other members of the crew will get you involved with all of the activities on deck:

  • Helming (steering) the vessel
  • Setting the sails and adjusting them by hauling on ropes
  • Standing watch (looking out for other ships)
  • Climb the masts and bow nets
  • Team activities, navigation and sail instructions

Voyage event will include

  • All meals and accommodation on board
  • STV One and All Voyage handbook
  • Sail handling, navigation & ship husbandry training
  • Team activities & challenges
  • Use of heavy wet weather clothing protection and safety harnesses
  • Event shirt & Achievement Award certificate
  • Award presentation on deck of ship at end of voyage
  • 5 Day Voyage, departs & returns to Port Adelaide, the journey will be where the winds takes us & discover some remote beaches.

IMG_20160715_140122    IMG_7717

IMG_20160715_110915     One and All 002

STV One & All is a true hands-on vessel and a unique experience that will be remembered for life. Change your life forever by exploring the world from the deck of a tall ship and discover what you can achieve. BOOK TODAY!!