28/01/2018 – 01/02/2018 all-day
Brennen Wharf
Boston Bay
South Australia
0432 495 603

Join STV One & All at the “Seafood Capital of Australia”, Port Lincoln and the Tunarama Festival. As we say our fond farewells to this great community of Port Lincoln, another adventure is to be created on deck. We set sail to the remote Sir Joseph Banks Group, which is an archipelago of 21 small islands with a collective land area of 1,275 hectares (3,150 acres) located in Spencer Gulf about 20 km off the eastern coast of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia

Animal watchers – both onshore and in the water – will enjoy the diverse species that flock to these islands, from one of the world’s largest breeding colonies of Australian sea lions at Dangerous Reef to the unique velvet octopus, found in only a few places in South Australia.

There are numerous opportunities to participate in different aspects of the sailing life. To keep the vessel manned 24 hours a day you will be divided into watches (teams). Your Watch Leader and other members of the crew can show “the ropes” to get involved with some or all of the following:

• Helming (steering) the vessel
• Setting the sails and adjusting them by hauling on ropes
• Standing watch (looking out for other ships)
• You may climb the masts and bow nets

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STV One & All is a true hands-on vessel we invite all passengers to join in the experience of this remarkable ship. While we have plenty of crew to operate the ship, there is no expectation or pressure to do any of the above activities. Alternately, if activities are not your desire, sit back and relax as the water flows past and the birds soar high above the masts.

Set sail and have the opportunity to explore South Australia’s coastline.

Change your life forever by exploring the world from the deck of a tall ship and discover what you can achieve.



Looking for somewhere to stay before joining the voyage, head to Port Lincoln YHA 

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