STV ‘One and All’ was built by W.G. Porter & Son Pty Ltd at North Haven South Australia with the assistance of a team of enthusiastic volunteers. Although based on the original rig of an l850’s brigantine, the ‘One and All’ is not a replica, being constructed of timber to the modern standards of the AMSA.

STV ‘One and All’ is owned by the South Australian Government for and on behalf of the people of South Australia.

COMMISSIONED: 5 April, 1987

TYPE OF VESSEL: Brigantine

CONSTRUCTION: Timber-carvel built with a clipper stem and counter stern.

SURVEY: ‘One & All’ holds a Certificate of Survey for a sailing ship – valid for Australian waters issued by the AMSA.


  • Length overall: 42.68m
  • On deck: 30.05m
  • Waterline: 26.50m
  • Beam: 8.20m
  • Draught (boards up): 2.85m, (boards dn): 3.96m
  • Sail area: 581sq m
  • Height of main mast: 27.00m (waterline to truck)
  • Tonnage: 207 tonnes weight
  • Gross: 121 tonnes measurement
  • Nett: 26 tonnes measurement
  • Masts: 2 (main and fore)
  • Sails: 12 (flying, outer and inner jibs; fore, main, nock and main topmast staysails; fore course, lower and upper topsails; mainsail; and main (or gaff) topsail)