We conduct regular training events for all our volunteers to participate in. During our sailing calendar we have both training days and voyages to keep everyone up to date in their skills & knowledge. Each member has their own training log to record what they have learnt and achieve on deck.

Training Days
On the deck, everyone has the opportunity to learn the lines, hand the sails, climb the rigging, learn rope handling, navigation and the many other facets of being on a tall ship. We do offer at scheduled times in the year First Aid and other safety courses. All new volunteers are required to have an induction and this would be conducted at one of the training days.

Training Voyages
These voyages generally occur at the start and mid year of our sailing calendar. On these voyages is where everyone can participate in the safety drills, learn about the many safety equipment on board, handling the ship at sea, and work in teams of your watch group. These are great events to exchange knowledge and learn from follow volunteers and crew. The team spirit really shows up when the ship is at sea on a training voyage.