Flinders Ports Cadetship

Maritime opportunities to deliver a skilled workforce of leaders for the future


This Cadetship will provide a unique opportunity for young people over 16 years of age to gain employment in the maritime industry. The Cadetship has the potential to create future leaders by the variety of experiences offered during the Cadet’s journey. The funding of this Cadetship will be sponsored by Flinders Ports, looking to foster employment pathways.

The Cadetship is a 12 month program that will be combination of educational commitment, hands on experience on STV One and All, and work experience at the sponsored business.

Entry into this Cadetship would require applicants to be selected through an interview process involving representatives from One and All, industry and the sponsored business. In addition, the selected Cadet would be required to pass screening checks prior to enrolment in the Cadetship.

Location of Cadetship

The Cadetship will be located in Port Adelaide, South Australia. The “hands on” experience will be on the STV One and All, with the educational sections gained at the registered training provider Australian Maritime & Fisheries Academy (AMFA). Both facilities are in walking distance to each other in Port Adelaide.

Expected study to be completed during the Cadetship

  • Senior CPR & First Aid
  • Certificate II Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal)
  • Shipboard Safety Skill Set Course
  • Maritime Radio Operators Skill Set Course
  • Complete required industry AMSA task book and sea time

Your Journey starts here with a Cadetship

All sectors of the maritime industry areas such as ferries, marine tourism, pearling, fishing and ship servicing all have a common factor is that they all have licensing prerequisites including sea time, which is where STV One and All can be positioned to assist. For anyone to complete their required license needs sea time. One and All, being a commercial registered vessel can offer the sea time.

With the requirement for pre-employment qualifications, sea time, and the growth of maritime logistics, there is a need for more to join this unique and exciting industry. The Cadetship is a logical pathway to enter the maritime industry.

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